We would like to persanally welcome you to our website. YouTube Model Builders is a team of individuals who all share in Model Railroading and share with the Model Railroad Community all things Model Railroading.

We are a selfless sevice non-profit group sharing Model Railroad reasources that include a monthly live show "YouTube Model Builders LIVE!", a free eMag, "YouTube Model Builders eMag" and "YouTube Model Builders Presentations".

We also encourage all Model Railroad Modelers to participate in our General Model Railroad Google+ Hangouts where we assist new modelers and discuss Model Railroading with anyone who likes to discuss Model Railroad topics in a webcam based discussion with up to 10 people.

Our hope is to inspire individuals to share their Model Railroading experiences through YouTube.

Support us!

Many people in the community ask for "support" images or/and video's to utilize showing their support for YouTube Model Builders. We have started putting some of this together for our support. Here are a few things you can use to add to video's and websites. Click here Support us! to find out more!

Right Click to download Currently running LIVE! Show promo video, upload this video to your own YouTube Channel!

     Upload the YouTube Model Builders BIG Build Contest Promo Video1 to your YouTube channel! This will help promote and increase awareness of the contest!

YouTube Model Builders would greatly appreciate your participation in promoting community activities like this.

This zip file contains both the YouTube Model Builders Promo video and a custom thumbnail for your YouTube Channel.

Our Online Outlets

Model Railroaders on Google+ is our primary location for discussion, promoting shows and hangouts, sharing model railroading videos and images. Highly recommended "sign up" for YouTube Model Builders activities and discussion. The reason for using Google+ Communities for our main stay for social media is that it is so closely tied to YouTube, sharing YouTube video's through social media is a must.

The YouTube Model Builders YouTube Channel is very important to us. We use this channel to share our YouTube Model Builders LIVE! Monthly show and also our Hangout Presentations that are done through Google+ Hangouts if you are not subscribed! PLEASE Do so!

This is our Facebook presence, it is used to discuss YouTube Model Builders activities and share in the world of Facebook.

Get updates through Twitter by following our Twitter account.