Volunteer for the YouTube Model Builders Team

Hello Fellow Model Railroaders! YouTube Model Builders is seeking volunteers to participate with our team to assist in many different area's of delivering our free activities to the public.

These are completely volunteer positions, there is no monetary gain in YouTube Model Builders so it would be a gift from the heart to volunteer with the YouTube Model Builders Team.

If you are interested in sharing your time with the Model Railroad Community in a team atmosphere contact modelermanmike01 at gmail.com

We are currently seeking volunteers to fill several needed Key positions including but not limited to:

Open Positions

- Team Secretary Organizational skills a must. Able to attend meetings and formulate minutes on set structure. track and close action items for team. Must have excellent organizational skills and be available most any evening during the week.

- Graphics Artists Work from a standard set of YouTube Model Builders graphics and create like images for upcoming events, group pages and anything required for the activities we work on. Photoshop CS5, CS6 + required. Note* I have been in contact with a few people who I have not heard back from, if your interested, please contact me asap.

- eMag staff and editors Must have skills in working with publisher, general writing skills and can work with a team following specific direction on format. General staff members are also needed to assist in organizing and distribution of our eMag

- Promotional Staff members Organizational skills required! A general understanding of marketing and can follow a structured promotional plan. Access to FB, G+ and general Model Railroading websites.

We hope you fit in one of these area's and we can get you on board! Please contact ModelerManMike.