Return YouTube Model Builders LIVE

We Want You!

If you are a YouTube Producer with a YouTube page that is centered around Model Building we would like to have you on YouTube Model Builders LIVE. We book in advance so get your request in as soon as possible! We are looking for YouTube Producers that are active in the YouTube Model Building Community.

If you would like to appear on more than one show, or would consider being a returning Panel Guest, please let us know when registering. The idea is to allow for as many YouTube Model Builders to appear on the show as will participate, To allow for this we book a Panel Guest for a single show however, the chances are good for appearing on more than one!

An active YouTube Channel with 500 or more subscribers.
You are an active participant in the YouTube Modeling Community.
Have a working Web Cam 720p or better.
Have a mocrophone (many webcams have mic's built in)
Headphones (optional, however this will be tested for feedback).
Available for dry run episodes, usually a week before the show.
Promote the show by uploading the YouTube Model Builders LIVE Promo Video. (Optional)
You have read all information on this page and understand the show release.
Be ready to have loads of fun with other YouTube Model builder Producers and Channel owners!

YouTube Model Builders LIVE wants to help you promote your YouTube channel! Once you appear on the show, your channel information will be promoted on our YouTube Model Builders LIVE Website. All who view the show will have a direct link to your YouTube Channel from our website. During the show, you will get your own segment to talk about your channel and upcoming projects.

YouTube Model Builders LIVE is a non profit show, this show is for YouTube Model Builders who have their own YouTube channel and we strive to promote model building and sharing YouTube Channels who also strive to provide useful Model Building information on YouTube for free! FREE! is the key to the entire show.

To appear on YouTube Model Builders LIVE, Register Here!

A few things to know. Once you appear on YouTube Model Builders LIVE, the recording is edited into a "show". This means the YouTube Model Builders LIVE intro and credit rolls will be added. The recorded video will be processed and cut to make the video more enjoyable if needed. The then edited version of the recording is placed for download by all Panel Members and Guests at their leasure. Many Panel members and Panel Guests plan to upload this edited version of the show to their own YouTube channel, this of course is optional but you will be able to download the show in MP4 format after the edits are made for safe keeping.

By agreeing to appear on YouTube Model Builders LIVE you will have agreed to allow the recorded episode that you appear in to be broadcast or/and played at anytime. Once you have been recorded, there is no turning back! The recording becomes the property of YouTube Model Builders LIVE.

Here is a little snippit from a much larger test show. It is simply put up here to show the show format on air.